Collection: Life is the Bubbles

"Life is the Bubbles"

Saturday, January 20, 2024
James Armstrong Theatre Lobby
3330 Civic Center Way, Torrance, CA 90503
Hosted by John Brown, Executive Director, Fantasia Family Music
Message from the Host

Please purchase tickets and/or make your donations at Join us in setting the future of Fantasia Family Music by attending "Life is the Bubbles" and/or donating your generous gift!!

COST: $80 per person; $150 per couple. Includes admission to Little Mermaid, Jr. ($30 value) at 7:00pm Saturday evening.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

At Fantasia Family Music, we continue to succeed because of the transformative experiences of young children ages 4-15 who have experienced our school programs, workshops, camps and bi-yearly shows.Their participation as singers, musicians, actors and dancers has defined them as “expressive creatives” with a considerable percentage pursuing the arts through high school and college. We empower the life skills that create inspired leaders in numerous other capacities, as well.

That being said, the creation of art is costly and it is often the first thing that is cut from, not only schools, but everyone's budget. We need rehearsal venue and performance venue funds, equipment, performance licenses, the best teaching artists, the most devoted staff, programs, posters, marketing, photography, instruments, dance floors, lighting, backdrops, set building and prop rentals, batteries, costumes, make-up and.... pizza!!

Because we are Fantasia Family Music, we will continue our 25 year mission to teach, model, and share the benefits of the arts with all who come to our programs. Thank you in advance for joining our goal to keep the music alive in a time when we need it most! We need strong advocates like you to make this happen! See below to join our "Hearts for the Arts" Club & Sponsorship Opportunities

With deep appreciation,


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