About Fantasia Family Music

Fantasia Family Music

Fantasia Family Music is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to inspire creativity and elevation of the human spirit through performing arts education and applied experience. We believe that each of us has a performance potential that may be developed to its fullest through music, drama and dance.

We create quality music education and unique performance opportunities for families, by partnering with the community, businesses and schools to provide workshops, performances, concerts and interactive events for all generations.

We Believe: 

  • Children are born performers and should be exposed to opportunities to develop these skills at a young age. 
  • Children’s performing arts programs should provide equal, age appropriate opportunities to participate regardless of experience.
  • Auditions are fun and children help decide casting.
  • Musical theatre should be affordable to all. 
  • We offer sibling discounts, reasonable fees for classes and costumes, as well as full and partial scholarship opportunities.
  • Performing arts for children should be a stress-free, uplifting experience.
  • Our rehearsals include snack time and game breaks.
  • Children should have the time to experience other extra-curricular activities as part of a well-rounded childhood.
  • Our overall game plan is longer, but rehearsals are shorter and make-ups are offered.

Current Instructors

  • John Brown
  • Paula Dawson
  • Elizabeth DeMonico 
  • Cheryl Graue 
  • Robert Gross
  • Barbie Hokanson
  • Korey Mall
  • Michael McLinden
  • Susan Schuchert Brown
  • John Thomas