New Show! Shrek Fall 2022

Join the Fun Cast of our Fall Show! Sing, Dance, Act & Make Friends!!

Ages K-Grade 8 - Everyone is Cast

Fun Roles include: Shrek, 3 Fionas, Donkey, Lord Farquaad, Dragon, Pinocchio, Storytellers, Fairytale Characters from the, 3 Bears to the 3 Little Pigs & More!!

Rehearse 15 Fridays* 3:30-7, beginning September 16, 2022
4 Performances:

Warner Grand Theatre
January 19-21, 2023



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Early Childhood “Fam Jam” Classes (Starlings: 1-3 years) 
Tues. 4-4:45; Wed. 9:30-10:15; Sat. 9:30-10:15 
Based on our own award-winning recordings, this class provides the basic foundation for the love of music—singing and rhythm, as well as adding the special musical theatre component that distinguishes us from all the others. Your little one will sing, chant, play instruments, enjoy puppetry, explore movement and enjoy dramatic play, all within a safe and loving environment.(Make-up classes available at alternate session.)
Parent & Me Dance (Starlings 1.5-3) 
Tuesday 9:00-9:30
A dance class for any parent or caregiver to bond with their child and build basic dance concepts like rhythm, balance and coordination in a safe and fun environment.
Tap /Ballet Combo Class (Chickadees 3-6 years) 
Tuesday 9:35-10:30 
In this Tap, Ballet combo class your tiny dancer will learn the fundamental steps and terminology of both styles while building rhythm, coordination, balance and listening skills. The class will start with a 15-minute tap section followed by ballet. *Drop off class*
Fantasia’s Fairytale Theatre Classes (Chickadees 3-6) 
Wednesday 4-5; Thursday 10-11 
If you can’t believe that these little ones can put on a show, just wait and see! In this class, they will learn 4 songs/dances and 1 poem, while acting out their roles in our adaptation of this famous fairytale! Family and friends will be invited to the performance on the last class. (Make-up classes will be available at either session, but little actors will perform with the group in which they are register
Beginning Acting (8-14) Thursday 4:00-5:00
A perfect introduction to the art of acting! Develop self-confidence through exercises, games, and scenes, culminating in a showcase for friends and family at the last class.
Strum & Sing Ukulele (7-Adult) 
Thursday 5-6pm
Learn to sing while accompanying yourself on this beautiful instrument.
Ukuleles are not provided but may be rented or purchased through us.
Pop Vocal Workshop (9-15) 
Wednesday 5:15-6:15
For the budding singer, eager to learn techniques to perform their favorite pop numbers. Family and friends will be invited to mini concert at the last class
Beginning Guitar (9-Adult) 
Tuesday 5-5:45
Garage Band (9-Adult)
Tuesday 6 -7:00           
Want to rock out with other bandmates, but can’t find the musicians or the venue? This is the perfect place for guitars, drums and more!  

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Dear Dearest Fantasia Families and Friends,

We are so appreciative of your love and support during this last year. As for many professions, it has been difficult to “keep the faith” during this time away from our beloved work and students. Throughout all these weeks, we’ve been planning and looking forward to the day we could be singing and dancing with you again. Here is our COVID policy:
Fantasia Family Music will abide by all Los Angeles County COVID protocol in effect on the dates of each class meeting. Current policies will be sent to all registrants 48 hours before a class is scheduled to begin, along with a Covid Waiver form which must be returned to us before entrance into the classes. Any updates will be provided by email.
In the event that LACounty orders all indoor classes cancelled, we plan to meet in an outdoor location, weather and daylight permitting. In the case of any cancelled class, Zoom virtual substitutions will also be provided.In the event that our Peter Pan theatre location--Nakano Theatre, Torrance, precludes performance, we will Zoom rehearsals, film scenes and complete the full production, to be distributed through a livestream option for online audiences of your choice.

Cancellation/Refund/Make-up Policy:

CLASSES: In the event that a class is cancelled due to closures or lockdown circumstances, tuition will be pro-rated, and any remaining class credit will be refunded to purchaser. If a virtual option is offered, students may continue class session without a refund if desired. In the event, a child needs to drop a class, there will be a full refund after 1 Class and a pro-rated refund after Class 3. Beginning with the 4th class session, tuition will be non-refundable. Students may attend make-up classes at any other time with advance notice to instructors.

Due to costly licensing and materials, we will not cancel, due to COVID restrictions. We will continue with a full online filmed production via Zoom and/or outdoor meetings. Parents will still be responsible for costume costs, but ticket purchases will not be necessary, as Fantasia Family Music will assume the costs of film production in lieu of live performance.If Fantasia Family Music cancels due to an insufficient number of  cast members, full reimbursement of tuition will be paid immediately.In the event, a student needs to drop from the show, there will be a full refund after 1 Class and a pro-rated refund after Class 3. Beginning with the 4th rehearsal session, tuition will be non-refundable.